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Rising Pop Sensation Tom Nethersole redefines what it means to be a "TWINK"


Naarm’s rising queer pop star Tom Nethersole, is set to release his highly anticipated single "TWINK" on May 17th, 2024. Consumed by an energetic and infectious beat, the electronic dance track is about finding confidence in your sexuality and the intoxicating relationships that follow.



twink cover art.jpg
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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tom Nethersole is a rising queer pop artist who aims to evoke the exciting, brutal and vulnerable moments of our lives. 


His electrifying performances have earned him a spot on prestigious stages such as; supporting Drax Project on their ‘Upside’ Melbourne show, Midsumma’s Vic Pride Street Party, Always Live, Australian Idol, OutintheOpen and The Push All Ages Tour

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"he creates a sound that's uniquely his own, sprinkled with hints of pop, dashes of soul, and a whole lot of authenticity"

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"A beautifully cathartic song, enriched with personable emotion, 'Meant To Be Alone' slowly builds with a stream of Tom's unfettered mental thoughts that vocalise everyday worries and fears."

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kamikaze man_cover art 2.png

Tom Nethersole - Showreel

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