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From professional modelling and acting to performing at a variety of music festivals such as OutintheOpen, Cresfest and The Push All Ages Tour, Tom Nethersole continues to display his versatility within the creative fields.

Currently based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Tom Nethersole has recently joined the Tall Poppy MGMT team, striving to work closely with brands, artists and projects to create stunning, engaging and impactful work

With a background in musical theatre and video production, Tom Nethersole continues to refine his skills in singing, music production, content creation, dancing, acting and modelling, which has seen him featured on Channel 7's 2023 reboot of Australian Idol as well as working with brands such as Oodie, Rollie Shoes and more.

tom nethersole



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"Tom is a gifted content creator with a knack for creating funny and engaging skits. He is eager to collaborate with partners in the fashion, lifestyle, music, and event space, who will help him break boundaries and redefine what it means to be a pop artist in today's world." - Tall Poppy MGMT

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