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Tom Nethersole Bear Your Soul Design

let go and share your worries here :))

Thank you for sharing that. I hope you feel a little less alone and feel like you can manage the day. You truly are such a special individual and i'm grateful for you. Please stay safe and reach out if you need a hug and comfort.

wtf is this?

When you're faced with mental health challenges or difficult days, the sense of isolation can be overwhelming. Despite friends' assurances to reach out for support, the fear of burdening others lingers. However, this space offers solace—a sanctuary to unburden yourself. Don't worry, your messages remain anonymous, and I read every single one of them.

So, open up about the thoughts that consume you during those nights spent gazing at the ceiling or the constant stresses of daily life. Release them all and take a deep breath, finding comfort in the knowledge that someone else understands and cares, even if they are a stranger.

love you and stay safe, beautiful x

Tom Nethersole_Meant to be alone_Single Release_Banner Press Shoot
Tom Nethersole_Meant to be alone_Single Release_Banner Press Shoot

Listen to the song that inspired it all while you take a moment to be present with your thoughts and current emotions

feel free it to add it to your library for any time you feel like you wanna cry it out 

if you need someone to talk to, or want to listen to more music like this, i'll meet you here

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